Mk5 Supra Door Pull

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Constructed using a brand new, in-house purpose designed and 3D printed handle cartridge, 6,000lb nylon webbing, and 100lb+ load strength internal materials to create a sexy, strong and durable safety item for your 2020+ Supra both on track and on the street.

180 degrees of lateral opening range, functions when pulled from the opposite side of the car. 

I'm testing, the OE door handle turned into melty bubblegum at 400 degrees Fahrenheit, my door handle pulls were unaffected at over 600 degrees Fahrenheit. Gasoline ignites at roughly 500 degrees Fahrenheit. I truly hope no one is ever in the situation to need it, but that could translate into extra seconds to get safe. 

Affixed directly to the OE door operation cable to give a 1:1 pull ratio, meaning a firm pull and no accidental discharges. 

Carbon fiber and titanium to finish it off because Rule #1 is always look cool. Faceplate is CNC machined for perfection on the fit.